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Experienced Water Treatment & Pump Service Contractor for the Peace River Region, Northern BC & Yukon

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Quality Guaranteed


35 Years of Trusted Service

From drilling to water treatment, we have the experience and the knowledge to make your project a success.

Water Treatment Systems

water well drilling

We can solve all water treatment issues with our top-of-the-line, industrial-grade purification systems.

Pump Services & Installation

Man jumping into a tank

We can service your pumps and install them as per the highest industry standards, ensuring peace of mind. 


Professional and Quality Work
"I have worked with the team at Clea
r Blue over the past 6 years. They are extremely knowledgeable and have supported me on several projects throughout Alberta and BC. From well installation to development and technical support, Craig and his team have been great to work with!"


- Adam P.

Highly Recommend Them
“Clear Blue Water Systems came out and put a new system in my home. I had a really bad iron problem in my water, and the water pressure was low! The crew was very knowledgeable and helpful, and fixed the water issue I had. I would highly recommend them. Thank you CLEAR BLUE!”


- Wendy W.

Pump Services and Water Treatment in Fort St. John


The supply of safe, usable and drinkable water is essential in a home or commercial or industrial property. However, numerous issues such as the presence of water-borne contaminants and hard minerals can affect the quality of your water and cause diseases. That is where we at Clear Blue Water Systems Ltd. come in. Our company can provide you with pump services and diverse solutions for water treatment in Fort St. John. Our water treatment services expand to include analysis and testing, installation, maintenance, repair and much more.

Our team is made up of seasoned individuals who have a deep understanding of the water requirements of the area's properties. When you come to us, we take the time to assess your requirements to provide you with personalized solutions for water treatment in Fort St. John.

We carry cutting-edge products from trusted brands for long-term solutions. Not only that, but our years of industry experience enable us to provide you with informed recommendations that suit you. Please contact us if you'd like to know more about how we can help you.


We'll get your water analyzed 

Provide you treatment solutions 

Will install your treatment system and pumping system.

You"ll have fresh, clean and healthy water

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

     We have thoroughly trained and experienced water technicians and pump installers for all your requirements. We have achieved a high level of success in both our safety         and performance records. With a combination of our Customer-centric approach and advanced equipment, we can finish all kinds of jobs to your satisfaction.

                                                                                                                                                      Call us for a quote today.

Water Purification & Pumping Solutions

We offer water purification products and services to keep your water systems working efficiently. You get soft, pure water with a balanced composition of iron, minerals and other contents. We work to identify your water issues and suggest a solution to accommodate your needs.

In addition to water treatment services in Fort St. John, we offer pumping system pumps and installation. 

We are known for our safety systems and our best-in-the-industry crews.

Our Most Popular Services

Our most popular services include:

  • Chlorine injection systems

  • Well shock chlorination

  • Tank & cistern cleaning

  • Pumps and installations

  • Iron filters & water softeners

  • Constant pressure systems

  • On-site water testing & lab analysis

  • Multimedia filters

  • Water treatment systems

  • Mobile water treatment systems

  • Reverse osmosis drinking water units

  • Remote site services

  • Pond Leak Detection Systems

  • Pump and flow / yield testing

  • Expert troubleshooting

  • Waterline Installation

Importance of Water Treatment and Pumping Solutions

Water treatment and Pumping services ensure access to clean and safe water. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of these services:


  • Health and safety: Water treatment removes impurities, contaminants, and harmful substances from water sources, making it safe for consumption. By eliminating bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and pollutants, water treatment helps prevent waterborne diseases and ensures health and safety.

  • Environmental protection: Proper water treatment helps protect the environment by reducing pollution and preserving water resources. It ensures that wastewater is treated before being released back into rivers, lakes, or oceans, preventing ecological damage and preserving the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems.

  • Water conservation: Water treatment services often include processes such as filtration, disinfection, and recycling, which help conserve water resources. By treating and reusing wastewater, water treatment facilities reduce the strain on freshwater sources, promote efficient water management, and contribute to sustainable water usage.


Connect with us for more information. We would be happy to assist you!

Service Area 

Our service area includes:

Fort St. John


Peace River Region

All of British Columbia

Dawson Creek

Tumbler Ridge

Yukon and Northwest Territories

Northeastern BC

Fort Nelson

Grande Prairie

North Peace Region

Hudson's Hope

High Prairie

All of Alberta

Contact Us

Are you looking for water treatment in Fort St. John? Our contractors would be delighted to examine your requirements and provide you with relevant solutions. Please contact us if you have any queries or would like to make an appointment. 

Reliable Water System in Fort St. John and the Surrounding Areas

Clear Blue Water Systems Ltd. is your trusted water systems company in

Fort St. John for all your  water treatment and pumping requirements.

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