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Drilling Service in Fort St. John

Drilling Services

At Clear Blue Water Systems Ltd. we are certified to offer you a variety of drilling services in Fort St. John and surrounding areas. With over 25 years of experience as drilling contractors providing quality services using precise drilling equipment and offering water treatment services. Have a look below at our various types of drilling service options in Fort St. John and water treatment services offered in Fort St. John and surrounding areas.

  • Domestic and industrial
  • Environmental drilling
  • Geothermal drilling
  • Irrigation wells
  • Monitor wells
  • Municipal wells
  • De-watering wells
  • Well restoration
  • Well development
  • Artesian well control
  • Coring
  • Core sampling
  • Open holes
  • Packer testing
  • Gas casing installs
  • Reverse circulation
  • Piezometer installs
  • Angle drilling
  • Bridge pilings
  • Grouting
  • H-Pilings
  • Stabilization pilings
  • Anchors
  • Aquifer/capacity testing
  • Source water wells
  • Rat hole drilling
  • Conductor casing
  • Rig water


The Foremost DR-24 dual rotary drill rig uses the most efficient and precise drilling method available today. Is able to drill through the most difficult of formations and unconsolidated overburden accurately and with ease. It uses a unique lower drive that advances casing independently of the top drive, which at the same time advances the drill string. We are able to drill and advance casing from 6 to 24 inches. The rotation of the casing results in very straight holes and casing can easily be removed using the lower drive, useful for well abandonment or when needing to expose well screens. The DR-24 is ranked as the safest drilling rig and is commonly used for any drilling project work.

Reich 650 Chicago Pneumatic

The Reich T-650W is an air rotary drill rig capable of drilling up to 2000’ depths. It is equipped with an angle drilling package and currently tooled for reverse circulation drilling. It is a versatile rig capable of drilling conventional water wells, geothermal drilling, pilings, blast holes and more. With angle and reverse circulation drilling capabilities and winter package.


Need to find water at your location - click on the link to the SEISMIC WATERFINDER – The proven scientific & cost effective method to find below ground water sources, ideal depths & water volumes before you drill your well. Learn more at:!

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